Prevent High-Velocity Fraud Attacks During the 2021 Holiday Season

Join us as we discuss how merchants can protect themselves in the holiday season and beyond.

Panel Speakers:

Bradley Chapulski

Editor-in-Chief at Merchant Fraud Journal

Alexander Hall

Fraud Prevention Strategist at Dispute Defense Consulting

Gur Biron

VP Business Development at AcroCharge

Noam Inbar

Early-stage Fintech Investor, Former VP of Strategy at Forter

Miguel Mejares

Head of Sales at nSure

Alex Zeltcer

CEO & Co Founder at
Here’s exactly what you’ll learn


Why are gift cards and other digital goods so attractive to fraudsters? 


Which vertical is at the highest risk and why? 


How can you take control of your own payments’ security and approval rates (in a way you couldn’t in the past)?


What should merchants measure (in total cost of fraud terms) in order to optimize their fraud prediction? 
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