Leveraging AI to prevent payment fraud in real time


Leveraging AI to prevent payment fraud in real time

Digital goods with high resale value are attractive targets for scalable fraud. lets you sell high-risk products like any other product by confidently rejecting the real fraudsters. Guaranteed.

Designed to Prevent Digital Fraud from Scaling

Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Our advanced AI technology empowers our models to analyze thousands of factors instantly and return a decision in less than 500ms

Tailored ML Models

No two merchants are alike and neither are the scalable fraud attacks they face. Rather than apply a “one size fits all model”, we build bespoke fraud ML models specifically tuned and optimized to every business

Advanced Behavioral Analytics

Our proprietary blend of algorithms emphasizes the analysis of contextual data to ensure it cannot be manipulated

Always Optimized Feedback Loops

To achieve the best possible results for our customers, we create an ongoing and evolving feedback loop that constantly learns, develops, and deploys.

What makes unique?

We understand that digital goods fraud is unique. We know that fighting it requires a different, more accurate approach. These unique challenges led to develop an advanced AI risk engine that leverages deep learning techniques to accurately identify fraudulent transactions.Years of modeling specific buyer patterns from billions of digital transactions and fraudster attack vectors empower our solution to confidently deliver approval ratings of up to 95%, with no manual review or delayed delivery of product.

With decline rates as low as 2%-5% compared to industry averages of 15%-20%, it’s a proven approach that you will want to experience.

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Calibrate & Continuously Improve ML Models
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